Beyond Academics

We believe that play enhances every aspect of child’s development and learning. In fact, it is child’s window to the external world and forms the foundation of social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills that are requisite for success in school as well as life. Apart from giving students opportunities, we foster their level of confidence with words of appreciation along with prizes and awards at events organised in the school. Co curricular activities are integral part of our curriculum . Art, craft , Music western & indian ; vocal & instumental , Dance – western & indian , Story telling , Theatre , role play , script writing , production , photography , pottery , designing , science & technology provide opportunities to explore talent & multiple intelligence.

Games & Sports

Games & Sports are highly organised aspect of our curriculum. International level coaches are appointed to catch them young. Regular coaching facility is planned todevelop their sports skills . Well developed Sports fields for cricket , Soccer , Basketball , athletics , volleyball etc & excellent facility for indoor games like carrom, chess etc give children to state of the art sports facilities.