Formative years are most critical in the life of a human being. We have therefore, designed our school curriculum with utmost thought, insight and care to ensure that each child unfolds their potential to the best in the environment of Greater Heights Public School.

Curriculum Highlights- Our curriculum is based on the guidelines recommended by National curriculum Framework published by NCERT, blended with progressive international school practices and the rich experience of our mentors & education leaders. From Preprimary to primary, the most crucial foundation laying years, great care is taken to capture interest, and create joy in learning & school.Our Founding Principle is to use the insights & experience of one of India’s greatest luminaries, Rabinder Nath Tagore, who says,’ creative spirit ‘ & ‘generous joy ‘ is key to childhood. We have therefore designed and created a child-friendly education system, exclusive to GHPS, which follows, child- friendly practices in letter & spirit. Learning concepts are designed around broad THEMES; an integrated approach through relevant, age appropriate activities captures children’s interest & paves way for deep understanding and holistic developments of Habits of Heart & habits of Mind. We ensure that our system will enable ALL children to excel in academics and a wide range of social, emotional and life skills required to succeed in 21st century. We focus on developing high EQ along with high IQ, and catch them young for training in responsible citizenship and leadership. Hence we offer diverse and flexible educational tools and a multidisciplinary approach to suit various needs. Connecting children to nature, community, and their spiritual self is as much a thrust area as to technology for knowledge & exposure! NCERT recommended text books are prescribed at an appropriate stage, with great scrutiny & thought to complement our curricular needs and practices. Class rooms and school environment are impregnated with stimulating thoughts, designs, displays, artefacts encouraging observations & interactions, which affect the sensory perceptions positively, achieving desirable learning outcomes. A spirit of inquiry & reason, discovery & exploration are constantly encouraged. Our teachers are passionate and competent professionals who love children and are into teaching by choice.

Assessment Pattern

To nurture the many facets of the child’s development both scholastic and co- scholastic growth is charted. Evaluation is Continuous and Comprehensive and is holistic, based on the child’s involvement in class projects, assignments, conversations, activities, student- teacher interactions; work habits and inter personal relationship. The skills learnt and progress made throughout the year is recorded by the teacher. This Comprehensive Record is then sent home as a progress Profile (Report Card). The school year is divided into two terms. Weekly Formative assessments are scheduled on Tuesdays. In case of an unscheduled holiday on the day of the test- the test will automatically be held on the next working day without any announcement or circular.